How to Date a Babe

Advice From Girls on How to Score

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Our mission at How To Date A Babe is to help anyone who is confused by women to get laid. (Mostly, because we’re sick of guys hitting on us and completely dropping the ball!)

The journal updates on Mondays with articles and advice on getting phone numbers, getting dates and getting women into bed—WITHOUT coming across like a genetically impaired sleaze or a hopeless geek who is so socially challenged he has trouble buying milk.

Not that you have to be either of these to read our articles. You might just be an average guy who’s a little baffled by anything in make-up and a skirt. It’s okay; here at How To Date A Babe we recognize that girls are pretty damn confusing.

We’d also love to answer your questions: if we get enough, we might even start posting answers to questions on Fridays.

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We’re going to try and cover online and offline world in all of our posts, as well as special notes for those ladies who are also having trouble with, well, the ladies. (Sorry to all the guys and girls who are looking for guys, I have nothin’ for ya!)

Also, some posts with adult content will be friend’s locked and behind a cut, so make sure you friend the journal if you want access to those!

- Lex